Coloring book "Lotte and the Moonstone Secret" LAT

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Coloring book is based on Janno Põldma's and Heiki Ernits' animation "Lotte and the Moonstone Secret".

In Latvian.
Dimensions 295x205 mm
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Fun coluring book with different tasks based on Lotte animated cartoons.

In Latvian.
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The little puppy girl Lotte and her best friend, a kitten named Bruno, live in Gadgetville, where the inhabitants spend most of their time inventing new contraptions. One day, the children find a soaked book in the sea. Out of the book crawls the bee Susumu who, as it turns out, comes from Japan. Lotte decides to help Susumu to get back home. Lotte’s father has constructed a clever airship, where all you have to do is rise up into the clouds and wait for the Earth to rotate beneath you until you are in the right spot. While waiting for suitable winds, they practice judo, make friends with the rejected hare Albert, invent a radio, electricity, and a fountain that emits Morse code. The book ends with a judo contest in Japan, during which “Team Lotte” beats the local masters of “Team Tamogochi”. Author: Andrus Kivirähk, illustrated by Heiki Ernits.

In Estonian.

In Estonian
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The little tired bird Pippo is left behind when a flock of birds flies south. Lotte decides to take Pippo south herself. They set off with her father Oskar and the old rover dog Klaus in the flying machine invented by Oskar. The travellers will meet many exciting adventures.

The book is based on the cartoon Lotte’s Journey South by Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits. Author: Andrus Kivirähk.

In Estonian.
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Teise poolaasta eesti keele lugemikus on kasutatud eripalgelisi tekste eri aegadest: rahvaluulest ja ennemuistsetest juttudest naljakate Leiutajateküla lugude ja tänapäeva lastekirjanduse nüüdisklassikuteni (Andrus Kivirähk, Leelo Tungal, Ilmar Tomusk, Piret Raud jt). Ilukirjanduse kõrval leidub ka tarbetekste. Ilmekust ja rollimängu arendavad lisaks lühinäidendeile ka dialoogil põhinevad lugemispalad. Väga suures osas on lugemispalad seotud loodusega. Oluline teema on eesti kultuurilugu, rõhutatud on rahvaluulet: nii rahvalaule ja -jutte kui ka lühivorme.
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Product Set:
1 X water activity book
1 X refillable water pen

For ages 3+
Dimensions: 210 x 147 mm (A5).
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