Lugemik Lotte I kl

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Teise poolaasta eesti keele lugemikus on kasutatud eripalgelisi tekste eri aegadest: rahvaluulest ja ennemuistsetest juttudest naljakate Leiutajateküla lugude ja tänapäeva lastekirjanduse nüüdisklassikuteni (Andrus Kivirähk, Leelo Tungal, Ilmar Tomusk, Piret Raud jt). Ilukirjanduse kõrval leidub ka tarbetekste. Ilmekust ja rollimängu arendavad lisaks lühinäidendeile ka dialoogil põhinevad lugemispalad. Väga suures osas on lugemispalad seotud loodusega. Oluline teema on eesti kultuurilugu, rõhutatud on rahvaluulet: nii rahvalaule ja -jutte kui ka lühivorme.
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Coloring book is based on Janno Põldma's and Heiki Ernits' animation "Lotte and the Moonstone Secret".

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The main message of the ABC is that learning and reading is fun, even when it demands some effort. The stories are joyful, help to understand the relation between individuals and the big picture, show how to view everyday situations with a different perspective and how to find solutions to everyday problems in life.

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One night, two strangers sneak into Gadgetville. They are searching for three stones brought along by Klaus the rover on his last journey. One stone was left with Klaus, the other two with his travelling companions. Realising that the stones hide a secret, Lotte and Klaus go to collect the remaining stones. When Klaus falls ill unexpectedly, Lotte continues the journey alone. It soon transpires that the secret of the stones is greater than Lotte and Klaus had imagined.

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