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3D Ring Rattle
Colorful parts can be rotated and pushed in different directions.
,   EAN: 4008339145993
4,90 €
Kuula ja mängi digitaalse jutupliiatsiga Eestimaa teemalist “Lotte loodusmängu”!

Digitaalne jutupliiats toob lapsed raamatute juurde tagasi. Jutupliiatsi abil helindatud raamatutest, pilt-ja mängukaartidelt ning lauamängudelt teadmiste omandamine on lapsele uskumatult lõbus ja huvitav!
Stardikomplektis on kaasas: digitaalne jutupliiats, adapter ja USB juhe, 12 mängukaarti teemal "Inimene ja loodus", numbritega täring ning mängujuhend. Teisi kaarte on võimalik eraldi juurde osta.

Mis on “Lotte loodusmäng”?
Lotte Eestimaa loodusteemalise mahukas interaktiivne kaardimäng sobib uute ja huvitavate teadmiste kogumiseks nii väikestele kui ka suurtele.
Digitaalne jutupliiats võimaldab helindatud mängukaartidelt kuulata Lotte häälega põnevaid küsimusi ja onu Klausi lahedaid vastuseid. Mängu 864 küsimust ja sama palju vastuseid aitavad tutvuda Eesti elurikkuse, maastike ja keskkonnasõbraliku eluviisiga, samuti inimese tööde ja tegevustega looduses. Mäng on interaktiivne ja põnev! Kaartidest jagub nuputamist pikaks ajaks.

Helindatud mängukaardid jagunevad kuue teema vahel: veekogud, metsad, põllud ja aiad, niidud, märgalad, inimene ja loodus (on stardikomplektis).

Kuidas mängida?
Iga teema kohta on 12 mängukaarti, igal kaardil kuus pilti Eestimaa loodusest. Digitaalse jutupliiatsiga kaardil osutades saab mängija kuulata piltidega seotud küsimusi, pakkuda vastuseid ning tuvastada õige vastuse. Igal mängukaardil on kuus kergemat ja kuus raskemat küsimust ning vastust. Küsimuste-vastuste raskusastet saab jutupliiatsiga vahetada.
Digitaalse jutupliiatsi ja Lotte mängukaartide abil saab laps Eestimaa loodust nii iseseisvalt kui ka koos sõpradega tundma õppida.
,   EAN: 4744220019112
59,90 €
4M Craft "Crystal Growing"
Grow your colourful crystal in the container provided. It's a fun sparkling chemistry experiment. Contains 1 large bag with crystal base compound, 3 coloured crystal seeding mixtures, 1 clear container with cover, 1 spoon and detailed instructions. Please note crystal colours (white, blue, red) may vary from those shown in the picture as there are 3 different variations of this product.
,   EAN: 4893156039132
9,90 €
4M Craft "Kaleidoscope Making Kit"
Kaleidoscope kit is fun and at the same time good for the child - you can make a fun toy yourself. Set comes with special tools which give the opportunity to make different kaleidoscopes.

Includes: paper cone, holographic foil, a chamber with removable cover, 3x safety mirrors, 4x bags of different trinkets (glow, holographic, colour and clear transparent), 3x colour filters, eye piece cover, card stripe, double adhesive stickers & detail.
,   EAN: 4893156032263
9,90 €
4M Craft "Kitchen Science"
Game set "Kitchen science" allows the child to do six amazing experiments with things that can be found in the kitchen. Generate electricity by using a fork and tomato and light up a bulb. Launch a rocket fuelled by baking soda and vinegar. Build a table top Volcano which erupts with bubbly lava and more.
,   EAN: 4893156032966
13,50 €
4M Craft "Potato clock"
Be a scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes and NO batteries. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock.
Contains digital clock with wires, pots, connecting wire, transparent tapes, copper and zinc strips and detailed instructions.
,   EAN: 4893156032751
11,90 €
4M Craft "Solar Rover Kit"
Solar Rover is a simple assembling activity to build a rover or vehicle using a motor and solar panel. No batteries are required. A desk lamp shining close to its solar panel would enable it to run indoors. Contents: chassis or vehicle base platform with rear axle in place, front axle, 4 wheels, motor with wire and worm gear installed, solar panel, 2 reflector panels. Instruction. Empty soda can not provided. Suitable for children 8 and up.
,   EAN: 4893156032867
14,50 €
4M Craft "Weather Station"
Observe and record the weather with your own multi-functional weather station. Also experiment with the greenhouse effect and create a terrarium in a bottle. Learn about your climate while tracking weather changes and conducting experiments on the greenhouse effect. Just add your own bottle to create a functional weather station.

The kit features a wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer and a rain gauge.
,   EAN: 4893156032799
11,90 €
4M Craft Safari Animals Origami
Origami uses a few folding techniques which combined make into many different shapes. Folding set Safari enables the child to fold different animals and put them up on a colourful wall which comes with the set.

With goggly eyes and over 30 sheets of patterned papers to make zebras, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs and tigers children can really have fun creating the animals and arranging them on the pop-up play scene. Complete the safari scene with bright patterned papers to make pretty butterflies and birds.
,   EAN: 4893156045119
4,50 €
4M Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit
Construct a 16.5 inch x 16.5 inch glow-in-the-dark solar mobile for an out-of-this-world bedroom.
Included in the kit are: planets, stencils, squeeze-glow paint pen, rods, string, a fact-filled wall chart, and 10 sets of Kidz Quiz questions.
Made using safe and high quality materials, this kit is built to last. Detailed instructions are included making construction fast and easy.
,   EAN: 4893156032256
9,90 €
Activity Cube "House"
Featuring five sides to explore, this play cube attracts your baby’s attention and encourages imaginative play.
Promotes problem-solving skills.
Sturdy wooden construction.
Dimensions: 21,5x21,5x21,5 cm.
Age: 18 months+
,   EAN: 6100210062011
25,90 €
Beach Toy Set Lotte
7-part beach toy set. Set contains: 18cm bucket, shovel, rake and 4 different sand forms.
,   EAN: 4742968014021
5,90 €
Best Cook in Gadgetville
"Best cook in Gadgetville" is an educational board game for children from the age of 5.
Game provides knowledge about cooking and different ingredients, trains memory, teaches cooperation and math.
The duration of the game is up to 50 min.
,   EAN: 4744039010017
30,90 €
Board Game "Lotte Pildikas"
"Lotte Pildikas" is a fun combining came with a dice for children aged 3 and up. There are many possibilities to connect Lotte's and her friends' head-body-legs-shoes. There are 19 characters in the box. Instructions come in Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish and English.
,   EAN: 4744039010031
21,90 €
Bouncing Ball Lotte (Blind Package)
There are characters from Lotte animated cartoons on each bouncing balls - 10 different designs. Each ball comes in a sealed 'mystery' bag. Which ones will you get?

,   EAN: 200001460647
1,70 €
Caterpillar With Wind-Up Motor
Ideal as a little attention or for the gift bag.
,   EAN: 4013594130981
3,50 €
Classic Dice Game Lotte
This is a game where there can be many amazing turn of events. Choose a button and be ready for a big race.
Box contains one board, 4 buttons, 1 dice. Instructions in Estonian and Russian.
Duration: 20-30 min.
,   EAN: 5900511012491
13,90 €
Classic Kaleidoscope
The classic Kaleidoscope for kids, just twist and experience a vibrant light show.
Each turn creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight.
Made of durable cardboard.
,   EAN: 8714627356359
5,90 €
Classic Rattle Toy
Classic rattle amuses baby while promoting the early development of hand-eye coordination.
Multiple teething surfaces.
Easy for baby to hold.
,   EAN: 4008339354517
4,90 €
Domino Lotte
Purpose of the game is to put the domino cards next to each other in the right order. Winner is the player who gets rid of all the cards first.

Box consists of 28 Lotte-themed domino cards.
,   EAN: 4005556221752
13,90 €