des Hand spray

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100% alcohol free
Contains vitamin B5, aloe vera, bipolymer

-Removes 99.99% of bacteria
-Removes E.coli, MRSA, SARS, H1N1
-Creates a protective layer that repels bacteria
- Odorless, non-sticky and dries quickly
-Skin safe
-Suitable for small children
-Moisturizes hands
-Dermatologically tested
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Lotte Village sings: waffles and whipped cream.

Freshly from the oven - our brand new CD with most loved songs is out now. Available only in Lotte Village and Lottemaa e-shop.
Lotte Village is full of beautiful music in summertime and winter is the best time to remember it all and sing along once again.
Lotte Village's young actors are the authors and performers of the songs on the album.

Best gift is a happy memory from Lottemaa!
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Kostüüm-kleit sobib suurustele 92-104.
Mõõdud kleidist leiate teiselt pildilt.
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