Tambourine Blue

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Encourages creativity and musical intelligence which is linked to an increase in brain development. Best suited for children 18+ months. Dimensions: 13x13x4,5 cm.
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- 54 Piece Minipuzzle, 8 different designs.
- Dimensions: 19,8 x 13,2 cm.
- Age: 4 and up.

- Let us know on the comments what kind of design you like
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Mold your own Bruno!
Set contains molding compound and eyes.
Soft, light and non-toxic material that can be stored away to be reused or left out to harden overnight.
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Lotte Activity cards are a continuation of the popular Lotte Creative cards. Compared to the former Creative Cards, all the illustrations and about half of the activity ideas are new.

The playful activities of the Lotte Activity cards are related to everyday topics that pre-school children are closely exposed to. For example, you can discuss with a child what his or her navel is like or what words rhyme with his or her name. Many tasks do not have a correct answer. The purpose of Activity cards is to inspire and guide the child so that he or she reaches a solution using his or her own logic and ideas.
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Be mesmerised by the addictive Twist and Flow Ring- you will not want to put it down!
Produced in a single piece of flexible metal the ring flows in a spherical shape up and down your arm, pole or rope.
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Pehme ja mõnus stressivastane pall peopesas pigistamiseks.
Abivahend käe- ja sõrmelihaste treenimiseks, käemotoorika arendamiseks.
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