Bathing and Toiletries

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Efficiently untangles hair and repairs split ends while providing hydration and shine.
Spray into wet or damp hair and comb through. Requires no rinsing.
Features wild fruit scent.
200 ml
,   EAN: 3468088482533 ,   Qty: 4
10,00 €
Shower Gel to help keep delicate skin soft, healthy and protected.
Tear-free formula, pH Balanced, does not contain parabens.
Features apricot scent.
For ages 3 and up.
250 ml
,   EAN: 3468088482526 ,   Qty: 22
8,00 €
Tear-free formula will leave hair clean, soft, manageable and smelling great.
Mild & gentle enough to use everyday, does not contain parabens.
Features apple and pear scent.
250 ml

,   EAN: 3468088482519 ,   Qty: 17
8,00 €
A special design for children. Extra soft bristles to gently clean the teeth and gums.
Brush your teeth until the light goes out - it happens exactly after 2 minutes.
,   EAN: 4744462010110 ,   Qty: 12
9,00 €